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Perry Dennington - Strong Force, Abstractly - Wall Clock

Perry Dennington - Strong Force, Abstractly - Wall Clock

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Proudly tell time with "Perry Dennington" on your wall as your new wall clock! It's Strong Force, Abstractly!

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This image "Perry Dennington" is an abstract representation of the strong force. It is created with a combination of bright, electrifying colours that mimic the powerful energy of the force. Flecks of white, blue and yellow move together in lines to create a visual representation of the force, and the curves and circles capture the motions as well as the power of the strong nuclear force. The image shows a chaotic yet structured form of energy that radiates throughout the canvas, and how it is able to bind particles together while repelling other particles. #StrongForce #NuclearForce #AbstractArt #PhysicsConcepts #PerryDennington Who has the most unique wall clock?! You do!

Every second counts! An exciting and practical accent in any room, this unique high quality Wall Clock serves as a statement piece, creating a personalized environment.

  • Pre-installed backside hook
  • For indoor use
  • Requires one AA battery (NOT included)
  • Silent clock mechanism
  • Materials: 100% wood (frame), 100% plexiglass (face), 100% metal (mechanism)
  • One size: 10" x 10" (25.4 x 25.4 cm)
More Details:
  • Many variations: Available in black and white frame variations with black or white hands to match your design
  • Pre-installed hook: Built in backside hook for easy hanging
  • Vibrant colors: The latest printing techniques provide bright and intense colors

Care: Wipe the dust off gently with a clean, dry microfiber cloth.

White Black
Width, in 10.00 10.00
Length, in 10.00 10.00
Thickness, in 2.00 2.00

White Black
Width, cm 25.40 25.40
Length, cm 25.40 25.40
Thickness, cm 5.08 5.08
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