The Online Elements, Isotopes, & Quantum Particles Speller

Try it out yourself!


1. Enter a word or phrase in the input box. The word or phrase should consist of alphabetic characters and can contain spaces for multi-word phrases.

2. Click the "Spellements!" button to generate spellings using element symbols.

3. The generated spellings will be displayed as a combination of element symbols.

4. By default, the app will display the shortest spelling for each part of the input.

5. To customize the display, expand the options section by checking the "Show options" checkbox. This will reveal additional settings. - Length Option: Choose between "Shortest" and "Longest". Selecting "Shortest" will display the shortest spelling for each part of the input, while "Longest" will display the longest spelling. - Show All Spellings: When checked, all possible spellings will be shown, regardless of the length option selected.

6. The element symbol spellings will be displayed in a column format, ordered based on the selected length option.

7. Each row corresponds to a word or phrase in the input, and the spellings are arranged from top to bottom based on the selected length option.

8. Beneath the input box, you will find the images representing the element symbols used in the spellings.

9. The images are arranged in the same order as the spellings, providing a visual representation of the elements used.

10. Explore the fascinating world of elemental spellings and enjoy discovering creative ways to represent words using the symbols of the elements!

Note: The app uses a limited set of element symbols, and not all words or phrases may have valid elemental spellings. Proper nouns, acronyms, and uncommon words may not have corresponding element symbols.

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